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AIIMT NOW IN NAVI MUMBAI BELAPUR (COURSE BOOKING CUM REGISTRATION OFFICE) AIIMT- Swapn Kiran Building, Plot No. 20, Sec. 20 C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumabi. | Contact Person - Mr. O.P. Patel - 08691816434 & Mr. Yogesh Rai - 08976664171

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ASHA INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MARINE TECHNOLOGY (AIIMT), is functioning under a registered Educational Society ASHA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY and established in the Varanasi City.

The AIIMT is Approved by the DIRECTORATE GENERAL of SHIPPING (DGS), Ministry of Shipping, Government of India vide their letter No. 3-TR (87)/2002-GP. AIIMT has committed to transport young citizens of India to joine the merchant Navy as GP RATING under the guideline of Directorate General of Shipping. So that the Candidates can join as RATING in any foreign / India ships, worldwide.

The yeoman efforts of the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION (IMO), London in achieving the twin objectives of safe ship and clean seas, by the development of various conventions, protocols and guidelines concerning the safety of life at sea, prevention of pollution of sea, sea farriers certification and watch keeping, are appreciated by the world.

To day a career in the shipping is very challenging and requires honing of the capability of an individual to a fine art. In order to meet this requirement, The ASHA INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MARINE TECHNOLOGY (AIIMT), VARANASI, is being established.

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We are dedicated to the task of creating leaders with zeal and commitment to Merchant Navy. We achieve this byimparting to the aspirants knowledge of goverment and merchant navy, infusing in them a sense of nation pride, decorative value, and empathy for common people and including leadership quality.

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Issue of CDC

After completion of the Pre-sea training Course .i.e. Deck Cadet/GP Rating and STCW'95 Basic safety Courses, the candidates are eligible to obtain Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) of India as per the guidelines issued by D.G. Shipping (Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways. Govt. of India). Institute will make arrangement to deliver the CDC in the campus.